Tuesday, February 26


Boy, that's a shocker, ain't it? With his presence "requested" by congressional investigators, Steve Mendell simply blew them off. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell "expressed disappointment that Mendel refused to testify before the panel," saying "We also wanted to hear from the head of the California meat packing company who recently recalled 143 million pounds of beef, including 55 million pounds destined for our schoolchildren. It appears he has refused our offer to testify voluntarily. We now will have to consider whether we need to compel his appearance to probe how on-site USDA inspectors could have missed these safety problems and the inhumane treatment of the animals that were slaughtered there."

Now we can watch and see if congressional investigators mimic the USDA, cutting the poor guy some slack (after all, he's had a prety bad month, right?), or show some backbone and subpoena this criminally profiteering bozo.

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arimoore said...

I read a lot of vegan and animal rights blogs and this is the only one that's had sustained posts on this developing story. Thanks so much for the continuing coverage - soooo helpful!