Wednesday, March 19


Sorry, it just occurred to me to check what the USDA was up to last Friday while we were all chatting about Steve Mendell's testimony. You're not going to believe this, but there was yet another Friday recall of 943,000 pounds of poultry with bad giblets. The press release doesn't try very hard to clarify what makes some giblets dangerous and others not, but it does say they're "adulterated" by apparently unwelcome portions of chickens' innards, and it is a CLASS I (HEALTH RISK: HIGH) recall. Too bad no one heard about it, huh?

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JD said...

"FSIS has been unable to confirm that the plant had properly sorted or disposed of viscera from condemned carcasses and therefore some of the inspected and passed products may have been commingled with viscera from condemned carcasses."

Meaning that guts from condemned animals were mixed with inspected and passed guts. Then those inspected and passed guts (and probably those that were not inspected and passed) were sold.