Tuesday, March 4


I keep trying to get across the point that the immorality of exploiting animals for meat is inseparable from associated moral concerns: The abysmal treatment of slaughterhouse workers, the over-the-top torture of the animals, the threats to consumers' health both from direct illnesses and long-term liabilities. Add to that list the school-lunch administrators meat producers depend on to prop up their business: In the recent recall, they were screwed over royally by the USDA. Due to the whole everything-we-do-is-proprietary-shhhhh-trade-secrets routine the meat industry is allowed to purvey, schools couldn't get key life-saving information about whether or not the meat they had came from the downer-slaughtering plant, even as parents were demanding answers. Additionally, the mechanics of the recall mean huge capital expenditures for schools with no details on how they're going to be reimbursed for what they're spending to comply and dispose of all the bad meat.
UPDATE: I forgot to include, in that list, surrounding communities (not to mention far-flung communities) who have their health threatened in a very immediate way by the huge amount of fecal waste generated by meat producers.

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