Thursday, April 10


A federal audit of slaughterhouses licensed to provide beef to the nation's schoolchildren found animal-handling problems at four of the 18 plants, including one that was shut down briefly.

Still, the very fact that it wasn't 18 out of 18, in an audit that was publicly announced in advanced, leads the USDA hack Schafer to say "Based on the findings of the audit, we do not believe this was a widespread practice or issue. It seems to be confined -- the downer cow issue -- to the Chino facility."

What a sick joke. Why don't you check with your own agency's Inspector General to see if there are other cases of downers being wrongfully slaughtered?


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found at

Do Hamburgers Cause Crime?

By Freakonomics

Most of us who eat meat regularly would still rather not kill an animal with our own hands. So we have, for generations, delegated that work to others.

Jennifer Dillard, at Georgetown Law, authored a new paper looking at what that delegation costs the workers of industrial slaughterhouses. She argues that prolonged work on a kill floor exposes workers to the risk of psychological damage, including post-traumatic stress disorder, and that they should be compensated under O.S.H.A. for any ill effects they suffer.

Giving slaughterhouse workers therapy might also reduce another cost associated with the meat-processing industry: increased crime.

Writing for the American Sociological Association, Amy Fitzgerald finds a spill-over effect from the violent work of the slaughterhouse into the surrounding community. According to her research, U.S. counties that have slaughterhouses consistently have higher rates of violent crime than demographically similar counties that don’t.

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if animals weren't meant to be eaten, they wouldn't be made of meat. tasty meat at that

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Congratulations, you are the lucky One Millionth person to use that line! Your prize is to also be made out of meat.

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Also: First anonymous, thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen it. I will definitely be posting something on it.