Monday, June 30


Once again it's impossible to estimate how big this recall is, but in a virtual Friday (Thursday night) recall that I just found out about (and you?), Kroger has reacted to a wave of E.Coli cases by pulling back "all varieties, weights and sizes of ground beef bought in Kroger stores between 21st May and 8th June in Michigan and in central and northern Ohio (Columbus and Toledo). Neither FSIS nor Kroger have said how big the total amount of beef affected is." Gee, I... wonder why.

UPDATE 7/3: After the traditional announce-and-expand strategy, and now that everyone's on the road to their July 4th cookouts, the powers that be have finally pinned a number on the amount (and the supplier: Nebraska Beef) 5.3 million pounds of tainted meat. Here's a choice quote: "The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service said in a statement Thursday that it has determined these products may have been produced 'under insanitary conditions.'" Insanitary - that's when your conditions are so unsanitary, it's INSAYYYYYNE!

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