Wednesday, September 17


That may be overstating it, but that's exactly what this headline says: "Study Finds Fountain Of Youth, Vegan Diet And Exercise." The study, in the journal Lancet Oncology, is summarized this: "The fountain of youth apparently lies in following a lifestyle that includes exercise and a vegan diet." All righty then.


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Surin restaurant, founded by Mrs Damrong Garbutt, one of the world’s top Thai restaurants, has created the Surin Village School Charity.Our mission is to build village schools in the poorest regions of the 80 poorest UNHCR nations – the nations below Thailand.The schools will then be built and then linked to Kent schools via the internet for ongoing community support, curriculum activity and cultural exchange and learning – for both parties!The first 3 schools to be built will be in Thailand (Damrong’s home village near Cambodia), Mali in sub-Saharan Africa with the support of the Timbuktu Cultural Foundation in California, and Bolivia.

The Surin school approach

Surin Village School Charity (Charity Commission registration no: 1116492) aims to build a basic but high-quality village school in a region that would normally struggle to have an adequate school and simply no chance of links to the internet and the wider world.The school will encompass a good quality building, desks, books and computers. As well (given the poor surroundings) we will also seek to provide basic humanitarian assistance with a drinking water well and solar power for electricity and a basic community centre or healthcare facility.
We envisage Kent schools helping to fund ongoing support and improvements on a regular basis, as well as providing general support and “electronic penpals” for teachers and students to learn about their different nations and environments.

Full details are on our websitse and

For more information contact: (01227) 765027 or email

betty said...

Wonderfully informative site-thank you-Betty

betty said...

Great site!!! Check it out-Google CEO Schmidt says punching down into the earth to capture natural and clean geothermal energy could help move the United States away from it's dependence on petroleum-Dec.16,2008-Betty