Sunday, July 28


It's hard to say which is more amazing - the incompetence of the USDA or the arrogance of Conagra (and its ilk). Even while House and Senate Democrats are grandstanding about the USDA's ridiculous 100-day delay in issuing a recall, the Chicago Tribune reports that ConAgra won't give samples of the E.Coli strain on the beef in question to THE CDC, so the government agency can do its job of tracking who's getting sick from this stuff. No siree, that's "private property!" (Reminds me of "Salmonella's good for you! from 7/13.) What other industry could get away with such blatant, anti-consumer, criminal stonewalling? This makes Bill Gates look like a damn teddy bear! If this aspect of the story gets picked up at all, it could give this whole issue legs like it never had before. And the people who are slapping their knees over the first "fast-food lawsuit" will perhaps realize it's not so funny when someone refuses to tell you what kind of poison they've put in your food.

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