Friday, July 26


Another clue that our obsession with eating animals does damage: The big scary voracious walking fish that just got banned was imported why? To be eaten, of course! Meanwhile, if you're pregnant or live in New Jersey, you - as well as everybody else with a lick of sense - had better not eat those scaly creatures. You may as well just crack open a thermometer and guzzle it. But here's the kicker - if you're deluding yourself into thinking fish is desirable because it's rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, you have a choice of eating large amounts of toxins, as above, in wild fish, or eating the much safer farmed fish. Except farmed fish are a lousy source of Omega-3s, essentially for the same reason they're a poor source of toxins. One way or another, you gotta throw out the fish with the bathwater.

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