Tuesday, August 20


Why keep picking on California (below)? There's plenty of water woes to go around. The AP reports that wells all over Nebraska are drying up, and "The situation is forcing farmers and city-dwellers to compete over every drop of groundwater." Huh. You know, it's a funny coincidence, but... what's Nebraska's top export? Yes, it's "live animals and red meats" -- to the tune of $1.0 billion. Keeping in mind that animal-based food takes ten to a hundred times as much water to produce as plant-based food, please also note that four of the state's top five exports are expressly dedicated to the raising of livestock. Nebraska, in fact, has the second largest cattle industry in America. And as our country infects the rest of the planet with wasteful and waste-filled agricultural practices, it's no wonder that 76 million people - mostly children - are projected to die from water-related diseases by the year 2020. I guess by then we'll have perfect hindsight.

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