Friday, August 16


The Wall Street Journal (via MSNBC) reports on Orange County's massive construction of a water purification system so they can get going on drinking their own (treated) sewage as tap water. This would be tragic if it weren't so funny - because there's plenty of water in California; it's just that half of it goes toward FEEDING LIVESTOCK, and of the half that's left, a great deal of it (especially Orange County's) is POISONED by LIVESTOCK WASTE by the time it comes out into your drinking glass. "State and federal inspectors suspect that a majority of California's 2,400 dairies are illegally allowing manure to pollute water," sez the LA Times, by way of example.
So cry me a river as wide as the Rhine: If Californians - and other Americans - would stop being so childishly greedy about nuances of taste, and cut way back on the number of feedlots and dairies in the state, clean water would be quite a bit more plentiful. Plant agricultre uses only a fraction of the water of animal agriculture. And this way, everybody wins. Except, of course, for losers.
And if you only take away one fact from today, remember, cryptosporidium is just another word for ... animal ... feces.

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