Saturday, September 14


I don't wanna use a speciesist cliche here, but talk about bein' a PIG! Right after the huge pork bailout mentioned below, Pig Farmers are marching to Washington to demand that taxpayers buy even more to bail them out even further. Incredible. I mean, granted in the animal industry like all the other industries in this country the small-time hog operators are getting screwed by the better-connected big-time ones, but it's hard for me to generate too many tears over the sorry state of their chosen profession. What I'm more concerned about is where this pork they demand we buy will go. School lunches, right? You mean like the one where 73 schoolkids ate pork and got food poisoning on Thursday, sending most to the hospital? Oh, no, of course, that was halfway across the world. But a little closer to home, medical experts just warned against treating kids as dumping grounds for capitalisms' excesses. Yes, Doctors call for ban on junk-food ads for kids across the whole European Union. And "What's the junkiest food of all for kids?"


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