Tuesday, January 21

"THAT'S FIVE..." "THREE, SIR!" "...THREE..."

The dairy industry has adopted the approach of "if you can't beat 'em, copy 'em." As people are finally learning (if not following) the concept of "5 a day" for fruits and vegetables, the milk folks have hijacked it with their own "3 a day" slogan, trying to convince people that they need milk at every meal. And no wonder: Word is getting around that nobody needs cow's milk, and the facade of "health" and "calcium crisis" is eroding. A recent article in Britain's Independent puts it succinctly - "The idea that milk can also be very bad for you has become almost heresy, and the fact that cow's milk was intended for baby cows, not for baby humans, seems to have been forgotten" - and relays info such as: "Researchers from the Medical University of Yamanashi in Japan looked at cancer rates and diet in 42 countries and found significant links between cheese and testicular cancer, and milk and prostate cancer. They found that those with a high consumption of dairy products also had high rates of cancers." Contrariwise, a low-fat diet cuts breast cancer risks. More studies like this keep appearing - it's almost up to 3 a day...
UPDATE: Sez one observer: "It's pretty clear that they're attempting to market their products. I say that's OK, but don't pretend to be a health campaign then."

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