Tuesday, March 25


Given that we're currently embroiled in a catastrophe whose clear and obvious mission is to secure American dominance over the oil market, you'd think that our government might want to check into ways to maximize the oil we have. Look into stuff like, say, the fact that livestock farming uses ten times as much fossil fuel as plant farming (in terms of food energy produced vs. fuel expended). Look into the "motor oil of the future" created from vegetable oil - that sort of thing. No, instead our tax dollars are going to fill up a humongous gas-guzzler called the FOOD SAFETY MOBILE - a mammoth RV painted with USDA slogans and colorful characters convincing you that if you get E.coli from feces-smeared meat, it's your fault! My favorite detail: Unlike a bookmobile, bloodmobile or just about any other "mobile" that takes up massive quantities of space and fuel, "The inside of the Food Safety Mobile is not open to the public." How perfectly appropriate!

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