Tuesday, March 4


Animal Aid, a group in Britain, asserts that vegetarian and vegan children are discriminated against by hostile doctors, teachers and relatives. Well, duh. But this is more than a little silly: The Animal Aid spokesperson, Becky Lilly, said "the finding that shocked us most was the amount of pressure coming from close relatives..." Uh, yeah. Does Ms. Lilly have any close relatives??? Predictably, the article relegates the facts of vegetarianism's healthfulness to quotes from Animal Aid, "balancing" them with insights such as: "On medical grounds it can't be very good," from the eminent medical authority Anthony Worrall-Thompson, owner of the Notting Grill, a meat restaurant in West London. He adds that kids need meat for "vitamins they can't get from soya or the fungus that grows on pipes or whatever they eat." Oh-kayyyy.

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