Thursday, October 2


A total of 45 cattle too sick or injured to stand were taken illegally to Aylmer Meat Packers during a three-month period last year, documents show. While critics have alleged Aylmer is a dumping ground for downed animals, the incident reports are the first to document the extent of the problem. "The testing done on these animals doesn't tell you whether they had some neurological condition or metabolic disorders and whether that disorder in any way affects the safety of the meat." Hmmmm... neurological condition... oh, that's right, BSE.

And butchers admit that they turn a "blind" eye to the danger: Solly Stern, a butcher with four decades of experience, says, "You can tell if it's not fresh, if it's rotten, but you can't tell if there's something really wrong with it. It's a blind item." Meanwhile, butcher Trevor Clark says, "Now, it's blind faith. And to be honest, we don't know what we're buying." Well, I'm sure that's just in Canada - we're much better about protecting the consumer here in the US. *cough*
UPDATE 10/3: It's not just Aylmer: "City health inspectors have cited eight meat-processing plants in Toronto for 'significant' or 'crucial' food safety violations over the past two years," sez the Toronto Star. Whole lotta blindness goin' on. (VIA VEGAN PORN)

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