Friday, October 3


The capture and shipment of live dolphins to amusement parks has now reached a tipping point, where what was once a given - dolphins exist for our entertainment - becomes debatable. "This Is Fun, but Did Anyone Ask the Dolphins?" says The New York Times, noting that "a growing international protest movement of environmentalists and animal rights advocates say there is nothing educational about turning wild animals into lucrative rides and are outraged over the recent deaths of two captive dolphins at an amusement park." Ric O'Barry, a former trainer on the "Flipper" television show, says, "There is something obscene about a magnificent creature dying in an amusement park." The sight of six dolphins at the Interactive Aquarium in CancĂșn - a pool nestled among the T-shirt shops and restaurants at a mall - visibly angers him. "The reality is they are all going to die there if you stick around long enough," he said.

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