Thursday, December 4


I've already posted a couple times about idiot hunters who kill themselves or other hunters as a necessary hazard of their cherished ritual. But let's not sweep all these under the rug.

  • Arcadia hunter shot from blind - "This is the third year in a row that a shooter fired at a running deer in Buffalo County and accidentally shot a hunter"
  • Hunter Dies After Floating Blind Overturns
  • Bow hunter shot in hunting accident - "Cabrera was shot from about 75 yards away shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday by a 17-year-old who was hunting with his father"
  • Sheboygan Hunter Shot, Killed
  • Hunter dies after shooting self in head - "The shooting happened a day after another hunter was hurt while hunting in the same woods"
  • Hunter killed, two others wounded on opening day of deer season
  • Hunter dies after shooting self
  • Hunter shot dead by other hunter while driving truck
  • Hunter killed by bullets aimed at deer he just shot
  • Hunter fatally shot by his 15-year-old brother
    Most dangerous game, indeed...

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