Friday, December 5


OK, so here's the thing: We could go on all day listing new accounts of hunters shooting people while pursuing their hobby, but the most intriguing aspect is that often these trigger-happy hobbyists seem to have little respect for the law - not just the law pertaining to their "sport" but other laws as well - stuff like car theft, domestic violence, illegal drug possession, you know, stuff we consider an actual threat to our society, especially when practiced by guys who are shooting at things.

So my question is: Why is it that this group of people, whose members routinely kill other human beings while getting their jollies, are not sanctioned as TERRORISTS, while another group is legally defined as just that for doing what? TRESPASSING on a factory farm? TRESSPASSING - something hunters also routinely do, only while looking for something to shoot and kill? Does this make sense? Of course it does - if we admit that the point of these new laws has nothing in actuality to do with our security, and everything to do with stopping stuff like this from being made public.

UPDATE 12/8: Game wardens outnumbered, outgunned and sometimes the only one sober - yes, that's the actual headline, straight from a game warden's lips. Doesn't he know he's playing into harmful stereotypes? "When it comes to game violations, Glines said they generally fall into two categories. The first are those hunters who make honest mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. The second type of violations, however, are the blatant killers. They're the people who just want to shoot something."

UPDATE 12/11: DNR says more hunters are illegally leaving deer carcasses to rot in Minnesota.

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