Friday, July 30


These two stories have next to nothing to do with each other except that their common hook is the "exploding" of a myth. In "New study explodes myth about vegetarian diet," we learn that PCRM has shown that "patients easily transition from a standard omnivorous diet to a low-fat, vegetarian diet that helps people lose weight, lower blood pressure, and otherwise improve their health." Meanwhile, across the pond, Fox myth 'exploded by study', assures the Guardian: "Urban foxes in Britain now number 33,000 and their country cousins 225,000, according to the most accurate estimate ever, says the University of Bristol. An estimated 20,000 to 25,000 foxes are killed by hunting with dogs every year, with some 100,000 dying on the roads. Prof Harris said: 'This study found that fox numbers were more heavily influenced by habitat. This suggests that there is no reason to expect fox numbers to rise when hunting is banned.'" Interesting thing is, even though it's in quotes in the headline, no permutation of the word "explode" actually occurs in the article.
UPDATE 8/5: Reuters finally picks up the story: It's Not So Hard to Switch to a Vegan Diet: Report

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