Wednesday, August 25


"The company that produced the Siegfried & Roy magic show has refused to give federal investigators a video of the tiger attack that badly injured illusionist Roy Horn. The U.S. Department of Agriculture attempted to obtain the video through two subpoenas, but Vienna, Va.-based Feld Entertainment would not hand over the footage, a USDA source familiar with the case said Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity." Gosh, I wonder why these producers would be so attached to this video that they'd defy the USDA.

Feld Entertainment. Hmmmmm. Why does that name sound familiar? Oh yeah, that's who runs RIngling Bros., who are having their own problems with the USDA. Remember Clyde the dead lion from last week? You may recall that one of the disputes there between Ringling and the ex-employee was what the company called "false allegations that our company and employees were withholding information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.''

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