Tuesday, August 2


Well, as "consumers have tired of the once-sizzling fad", the Crash Diet That Didn't Work files for bankruptcy, stiffing its creditors just as it did nutritionally to its own bandwagon-jumping acolytes. Partly this is because "the low-carb trend has sort of died on the vine," or more accurately, decayed off the bone, yet I do wonder how much the Atkins-smashing Carbophobia!, which appeared early this year, helped that process along.

But by pressing ahead as a run-of-the-mill shake and power bar company, Atkins first of all exposes itself to continued legal/market trouble, as PCRM vows to press their lawsuit forcing Atkins to put warning labels on its products, but it also loses the one thing even critics like PCRM and Dr. Greger conceded Atkins was right about: The importance of consuming whole, natural foods rather than processed foods. Well, OK, good luck selling your processed foods line, folks - at least you still have that iconic scarlet "A" to work with.

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