Monday, August 1


Heyyy, remember this post last week about the 15-state recall nobody heard about? You know, with the chicken products and listeria? Well, just like I bet they had slipped that one by you, I'll also wager you didn't get notice that the size of the recall was just expanded by three thousand percent - now not 3 but 90,000 pounds of potentially contaminated chicken.

Look: Every time a recall is expanded it means something went wrong in the recall process. If the 90,000 pounds are all suspect right now, they were all equally suspect back when the recall was issued at only 3,000 pounds. So the initial recall, if handled properly, should have been a 90,000-pound recall. Yet this kind of thing is far from rare with meat recalls. Who keeps screwing up and endangering lives? Why is that not explained - why does there seem to be no public accountability when this happens again?

Could it be because it's all part of a planned strategy? So far this one seems to be following the 2003 Pilgrims Pride recall playbook, if on a slightly smaller scale. Are these expansions a pattern of incompetence, or a savvy way of playing the "public safety" media for credulous chumps? After all, this announcement of 90,000 pounds of dangerous meat isn't a MEAT RECALL - it's just an EXPANSION of a previously-announced recall, which is hardly a big story. I mean, come on. It's old news. Move on, right?

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