Monday, May 28


One of the funny moments in Happy Feet is when Mumbles the tap-dancing penguin tries to teach someone else to do so - "You put one foot in front of the other..." It was a direct ripoff of that song from Santa Claus is Coming to Town, man!

Anyway, that's the wrapper for these tidbits, none of which is really noteworthy enough in and of itself to be cause for celebration, but if taken as harbingers of things to come, then crack out that bubbly!

  • U.S. stops breeding chimps for research

  • Illinois Governor Signs Horse Slaughter Ban
    UPDATE: 10-day stay for Slaughter Ban

  • Cruciferous vegetables cut bladder cancer risk by 30 percent (Note how this take, from "," focuses on isolated components, in a perfect example of what T. Colin Campbell talks about in The China Study.)

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