Friday, May 25


I'll have more to say about this in some future way, shape or form, but just wanted to mention that I saw Happy Feet on DVD and found it to be somewhat entertaining but mainly thought-provoking. Not provoking "environmental" or "ecological" thoughts, but thoughts about how mainstream "message" movies concerning animals are trapped in a bizarre double bind. I welcome anyone else's perspectives on the movie.

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Anonymous said...

I know the entry has been up for ages but I've just read it-
re: Happyfeet. I really disliked the movie. Individual bits were lovely (the characters, the music) BUT the end message seemed to be "animals are only worth saving if they entertain people".
I don't know, that was just my impression. But the best thing about the film was I went to see in with my great-grandmother, who remembers the first movie she saw was a silent feature.